2 “Corners” dedicated to business et customers of Hôtel Villa-Lamartine to organize Business Seminars, Management Meetings, Communcation Events and take care of your body and relax

Eaton's Neck Corner, the Business, Body and Beauty Care Space by l'Hôtel Villa-Lamartine will open its doors in July 2018, and gives access to 2 privatized corners, intimate and confidential, ideally located in the heart of the golden triangle of the city of Arcachon, close to the many activities offered by the Bassin d'Arcachon, beaches, casino, restaurants and restaurants. TGV station arcachon ...

2 complementary spaces : SEMINARS & BUSINESS, AESTHETIC & BEAUTY CARE, form the 2 corners of the Eaton's Neck Corner, a unique offer in the Arcachon basin. We offer our business customers the opportunity to combine a business trip in a particular state of mind for their seminars, management meetings, signing-closing, incentives and training, conventions organized in our premises .

A state of mind, a philosophy, a look that of the "Petit Prince" ... Come and write your most beautiful pages at Eaton's Neck Corner

Why Eaton's Neck ?

The "Petit Prince" was writen in two versions, English and French, by Saint-Exupéry in Eaton's Neck, fishing village of Northport County in the United States. It will only be published in France in 1946.

In 2018, Hotel Villa-Lamartine, interview the mystery Saint-Exupery, and invents his "Corner", the Eaton's Neck Corner, symbol of a tradition revisited and respected, with modern codes, around 2 spaces dedicated to the exchange, to the well being, to the search for a harmony, individual, or in group.

Find each other
Think of yourself
Think of others
Progress together!

Discover our 2 Corners in the Eaton's Neck

High Class Seminars

We offer 3 Business meeting Rooms for your High Class Seminars, Management Committee, Training, Events and Incentives with a capacity of 8, 20 and 30 people.

The configuration of the meeting room is adapted according to the nature of the event: Meeting, U-shaped, Square, Training Room, Theater, Reception ...

Express your needs, we organize all the logistics with catering for breaks, lunch and dinner in meal tray or outside, transfers from the station or airport and discovery or team building events...

Aesthetic et Beauty Care

In an intimate and refined setting, enjoy a moment of relaxation for the body and spirit of a Hammam, Beauty Treatments and Relaxation Massages.

Its aesthetic space and care offers a technicality, a result and an absolute regeneration. The Cinq Mondes treatment protocols use an exclusive hand-held needleless acupuncture technique approved by Spa Professionals around the world: the Dermapuncture

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Discover our 2 Villa-Lamartine Corner's
Eaton's Spa by Cinq Mondes à Arcachon - Spa Arcachon
Esthetic Corner

Find Each other, Recharge
Think of yourself, think of others...
Progress together !

SPA, Massages & Esthetic care,
Take care of your body,
Treat yourself to a sensory escape...

 Business Space - Seminars in Arcachon
Business Corner

Find Each other, Recharge
Think of yourself, think of others...
Progress together !

3 seminar rooms with a lot of refinement
for your business events
for up to 30 people ...

Do not hesitate to ask your Quotation