A dedicated space for your Fitness and Well-Being in your Hotel in Arcachon

Discover the Well-Being Space of the Hotel Villa-Lamartine, the Corner "Fitness and Wellness" of the Eaton's Neck Corner, specifically designed to allow you to relax, train, progress in the best conditions of a TOP level gym, with a state of mind that of the "Petit Prince" of Saint Exupery promoting exchange, development of body and mind, humility ...

A bias resolutely focused on performance and complementarity of equipment. Tradition combined with the best of technology for the realization of your training session and fitness in perfect serenity

To meet these objectives, reference materials are available with our partner brands : TechnoGym & MihaBodytec

A state of mind, a philosophy, a look that of the "Petit Prince" ... Come and write your most beautiful pages at Eaton's Neck Corner


A complete sporting environment where you will enjoy a first class training experience. For those who wish to maintain their fitness and fitness goals. Technogym is a pioneer in the fitness market with high quality devices and innovative solutions.

Toutes les Chambres et Suites de l'Hôtel Villa-Lamartine à Arcachon

Fitness with TechnoGym

The quality of TechnoGym products is a direct result of the company's decades of experience as the official supplier of six Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Reach your sport goals

Our materials help you achieve your sports and wellness goals. Weight loss, weight training or stretching exercises for the back while enjoying a modern user experience.

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Bodybuilding & Strengthening

For more resistant and enduring muscles, a flatter belly and more curved glutes, better reflexes, reinforced tendons and joints and greater bone strength ... Forge yourself a sculpted & balanced body and gain in tone.

Découvrez le Bassin d'Arcachon avec votre Hôtel de Charme 3 étoiles sur Arcachon

Muscle Strengthening

Whether your goal is to maintain your muscle, or strengthen it, our Bodybuilding Bench gives you access to endless workout possibilities for a complete and effective bodybuilding.

Kinesis Personal Vision

This new type of equipment allows you to rediscover and improve strength, coordination, flexibility, correct posture, and control of your breathing.

Découvrez le Bassin d'Arcachon avec votre Hôtel de Charme 3 étoiles sur Arcachon

MihaBodytec Electro Stimulation

Using painless low-frequency muscular electrical muscle stimulation that works against your moving muscles, MihaBodytec offers you a workout experience that boosts the results you could get with free weights.

Practiced twice a week, the MihaBodytec experience will bring you a general feeling of well-being.

Discover sports electro stimulation with the Miha Bodytec solution in Arcachon

MihaBodytec Concept

To counter muscular contractions driven by the MihaBodytec, you are forced to perform dynamic movements that solicit 90% of your muscle fibers.

MihaBodytec : For whom and how?

The EMS MihaBodytec training is aimed at all public, women and men who wish to lose weight in a few weeks, who want to increase their performance or draw their body. 1 to 2 sessions a week are enough.

Console Miha Bodytec Physical Training with electro stimulation in Arcachon

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